James Cook University to provide 20% tuition fee relief to all students

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Coronavirus has been disruptive to all our lives, and nowhere is this more apparent than in education. Classes have moved online, and many students have lost the opportunity to learn hands-on practical skills through the resources, facilities and services that on-campus learning provides. These skills are for many students the most important part of their degrees and highly desired by employers. These core skills can’t be learnt in an online environment, and yet JCU is still charging students as if there was no pandemic. 

"The practical learning environments offered at JCU are what made me move to Townsville from Sydney. For it to be taken away is greatly disappointing" - Final Year Bachelor of Science Student. 

The unavoidable lack of face to face teaching has had massive effects on all our students. Science students are missing out on up to 10 hours of laboratory time each week, Medical students are missing vital clinical placement rotations, everyone has lost the face to face learning in small classes that JCU is so well known for.

"It's not just about using a lab to learn content, lab skills themselves are really vital in science degrees and we are missing out"- 1st year International Student

No amount of online learning can compensate for one on one clinical learning with patients, tutors and physicians. I’m definitely feeling a loss of value for money. What have I actually paid for?” - 4th year Medical Student

Domestic undergraduate students are being charged up to $11,155 this year and international students are paying up to $67,200 for a podcast and a powerpoint. It’s clear that nobody is getting value for money.

That’s why we are calling for JCU to give students immediate Tuition Fee Relief of 20%.