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Petition for the Criminal Indictment of William J. O'Neil (Impersonating) AZ Sup. Ct Judge

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"Citizen's Demand" Criminal Indictment of  William J. O'Neil for (Impersonating) being a State Supreme Court of Arizona, Judge. 

William J. O'Neil, since approximately year 2011 has purported being an Arizona State Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge, however, he is nothing more than a "Fake Judge."

 Why is O'Neil a "Fake Judge:"   Because O'Neil does not even have a valid "Oath,"  that bears O'Neil's affixed  genuine handwritten signature on his purported "Oath."

See O'Neil's "Fake" Oath attached -

Why is the Arizona Constitution being Waived: Did you know that the Arizona Constitution applicable to the number of judges that can be seated on the State Supreme Court Bench is five?

Did you know that  William J. O'Neil, State Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge, makes him the sixth (6th) judge?

 Arizona Constitution Title 6 Section 2, says that only five (5) justices can sit on the bench of the Arizona State Supreme Court at any given time.   Contrary O'Neil now makes a sixth (6th) judge.    O'Neil and others are violating the Arizona Constitution for one man "O'Neil."  

Maybe Honorable President Trump should consider Suspending Arizona Federal funds until their is compliance to remove O'Neil, from the State Supreme Court Bench, because he is breaking the law of the Arizona State Constitution, being seated as the 6th Judge and wearing of a Judges Robe, since year 2011.

True Americans - "Citizen's Demand" the Criminal Indictment of O'Neil and O'Neil be immediately removed from the Arizona Supreme Court Bench, because "True Americans" don't stand for lawlessness or corruptness!

From year 2011 to present date there has not been a Constitutional Amendment, to the Arizona Constitution, to seat William J. O'Neil on the Arizona State Supreme Court Bench.

Arizona Constitution Title 6 Section 2 reads as follows:

 "Section 2. The supreme court shall consist of not less than five justices. The number of justices may be increased or decreased by law, but the court shall at all times be constituted of at least five justices." Public Sources:


Indict "Fake Supreme Court Judge" O'Neil, for (Impersonating) being an Arizona Judge.

Arizona State Law, reads: "2015 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 13 - Criminal Code
§ 13-2006 Criminal impersonation; classification

... AZ Rev Stat § 13-2006 (2015) 

A. A person commits criminal impersonation by:

1. Assuming a false identity with the intent to defraud another; or

2. Pretending to be a representative of some person or organization with the intent to defraud; or

3. Pretending to be, or assuming a false identity of, an employee or a representative of some person or organization with the intent to induce another person to provide or allow access to property. This paragraph does not apply to peace officers in the performance of their duties.

B. Criminal impersonation is a class 6 felony - Public Source:

 "Fake Judge, Fake Oath; Now Time to Go!"

CONCLUSION: Please share, if you care to protect Arizona Attorneys and their families from the ongoing "Fake Judge" William J. O'Neil, who has prosecuted Arizona Attorneys, when he doesn't even have a valid "Oath," to affirm he will support and uphold both Federal and State Constitutional laws, even applicable to Arizona Attorneys!

Now would you agree that every Attorney, who has been prosecuted by "O'Neil" and  were given Probation, Suspension or Disbarment's, their cases should be considered by the FBI for intervention and considered for being overturned, with the exception of Arizona Attorneys who have actually been found guilty by a criminal court?

For all the forgoing reasons stated above, this is why "Citizen's Demand" the FBI agency and  James Comey, FBI Director to consider Federal Criminal Indictments, against William J. O'Neil, for his bogus Suspensions and Disbarment's Orders, that have been sent via through U.S. Mail and O'Neil be criminally indicted for Federal criminal crimes of U.S. Mail Fraud, Racketeering and (Impersonation) of being a Judge with organization of the State Supreme Court of Arizona.  

Please sign this Petition as a "True American" and join other Citizen's who Demand for William J. O'Neil, to be Criminally Indicted for all the above foregoing reasons.

"Fake Judge, Fake Oath; now Time to Go!"

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