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I want equality for animals... a high ideal maybe. I share the view, along with many animal/wildlife charities and non-government organisations, that as we share our planet with such enormous diversity in the animal kingdom, us humans as the most influential, should take responsibility for those less able to look after themselves.

Hunting, and particularly trophy hunting, are extremely emotive issues. There are some justifiable reasons for hunting 'per sae', so I will concentrate on trophy hunting. Sadly, us British have been major culprits in the past; one can easily reflect back over 100 years ago when 100,000s of tigers were killed In India. Fortunately, some survived and numbers have stabilized according to the latest census.

Unfortunately, in many African countries hunting is legal. Simply, large rural areas designated as game reserves, not National Parks, are designated for hunting. Fees are paid by wealthy hunters from around the world to pay for these so-called 'blocks'. The case of 'Cecil the Lion' Zimbabwe is a prime example. The animals are killed for their heads and skins to hang on their walls or in museums. Particularly big cats, elephants and  rhinos are hunted and are among the most endangered of the well-known species. Local communities are involved, and they are paid 'blood money' which helps them to set up schools and fund other projects, including 'conservation projects', although the latter seems a complete dichotomy. But, who can blame them.... when, for example, a forest guide in these poor countries earns the equivalent of $5 / per day, there is a huge temptation to turn a blind eye or even assist the hunters. India and Africa are similar in this respect.

As right-minded decent people, we must stand up for our fellow members of the animal kingdom who are being hunted out of existence. Climate change and evolution itself are factors that we may have limited or no control over......but trophy hunting.....surely that could be banned completely, if there was enough political pressure and will! 

With something so important as this, it is only governments putting pressure on other governments that will effect change. Let us ask OUR government what it is prepared to do to stop trophy hunting worldwide.