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Shut Down Charles River Laboratories!

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Close down Charles River Laboratories!

   Every year more than 100 million animals are killed in labs. They suffer their whole life, not knowing what happiness and freedom is. They fear for their life every second.

   Charles River Laboratories is the largest breeder for animals to use in labs and experiments in the world according to PETA. Many animals at Charles River Laboratories are bred in disgusting factory farms or taken away from their home and family from the wild.

  They also conduct cruel test on the animals. The animals have to experience pain and stress everyday in small lonely cages where workers cruelly neglect them. Many animals are not given anesthesia or pain killers and are killed at the end of each test when they survived the horror but are no longer needed. According to the Humane Society of the United States an example of a cruel test they conducted was on three dogs who were force fed a test substance every day for five days. They started to have a higher heart rate, difficulty breathing, and were very cold to touch. One died and the other two were euthanized later. 

  Charles River Laboratories has many AWA violations. They have made  "mistakes" that resulted in painful deaths for the defenseless animals. One example is a female monkey who was locked in her cage and was burned alive in a high temperature cage washer when worker "forgot" to take her out.

  There are many non-animal testing methods that are cheaper, faster, and more reliable. Please sign this petition for the animals!

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