Incentivise Green Construction through faster planning permission and reduced fees

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42% of UK Carbon emissions are attributed to the built environment. Heating alone accounts for 10% of the nation’s carbon footprint. We urgently need insulated, passive houses.


Under the 2008 Climate Change act and Paris agreement, the UK promised to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. According to the UK Green Building council, UK emissions are above target and not on track to meet our obligations. Something needs to change - this is the solution we are putting to the government…


A Green Building program, incentivising environmental construction through expedited planning permission and reduced planning fees. Qualifying projects would receive planning permission in 15-30 working days rather than 60-90 working days. The more Green ‘menu’ items included, the quicker the turnaround. Developers who incorporate an exceptional level of Green elements could have planning permission fees reduced up to 25%.

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This program was pioneered by Chicago government in 2005. Since launching, the city now boasts 5.5million square feet of green roofs, 1,248 LEED Certified buildings and 17% of the city is covered by trees. Indeed, 13,400 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions are displaced by solar panels annually, proving the stimulation of environmentally-friendly construction. It is estimated to cost property developers between 1-5% more to build sustainably, with little incentive. The Green Building program intends to give them an incentive.


The Green Building scheme is not only effective in resolving climate change. Quality of life increases with improved air quality, reduced urban temperatures and energy savings on efficient buildings. Greenery and biodiversity also have strong links to improved mental health. Additionally, the Green ‘menu’ items include ‘affordable housing’ and ‘difficult-to-develop areas.’ Tried and tested in Chicago, the scheme has been replicated in San Diego and Honolulu and influenced Green building policy in Portland, San Francisco and New York. The UK should be next.


Following a year of headlines dominated by extreme weather and environmental destruction, the risks associated with climate change are already showing. Snow smothered the UK only to be replaced by the hottest UK summer on record since 1976; Fatal flooding coupled with extreme temperatures in Japan were declared a ‘natural disaster’; Heavy rain and flooding in South India has resulted in over 325 deaths. Climate change is causing fatally extreme weather conditions, which is why we must act now.


Please sign this petition to call on the UK Housing minister, James Brokenshire, to incentivise sustainable building in the UK. With sped up planning applications and reduced planning fees, why wouldn’t you #GoGreen. If enough of us speak out, I believe we can bring about this change!