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Stop using styrofoam cups that kill animals!

I'm 10 years old and when I was at Jamba Juice a couple of weeks ago, I ordered a smoothie and they gave it to me in a styrofoam cup! The person behind me ordered yogurt and they gave her yogurt in a styrofoam container, too. That's just ridiculous. It bothered me so much, my mom encouraged me to start a petition.

Styrofoam takes so long to break down into the Earth. In the ocean, several animals think that this product is food, so when they go to eat it, the styrofoam can kill them!

Also, did you know 57 chemical by-products are released during the creation of styrofoam? That is a lot of chemicals to safely dispose.

Jamba Juice does not use styrofoam cups in some cities where the city doesn't allow it, like Seattle. If they do that there, they can do it everywhere!

Will you ask Jamba Juice to stop using styrofoam in all their stores?

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  • Jamba Juice
  • Jamba Juice Media Relations
    Celia Sepulveda
  • CEO Jamba Juice
    James D. White
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    Bruce Schroder
  • Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
    Gregory A. Schwartz
  • Jamba Juice Customer Service
  • Media Relations
    Janice Duis

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