Jamba Juice: Please Replace your Plastic Straws with a Sustainable Alternative

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Americans use about 500 million plastic straws every single day. Many plastic straws cannot be recycled, and none biodegrade. As the 11th most prominent plastic in the ocean, plastic straws affect sea birds, turtles, and many other creatures that inhabit our oceans and their coastlines.

Jamba Juice must discontinue producing plastic straws for their smoothies, and replace them with an alternative, which doesn’t negatively impact the world we all share. With a health-oriented message, Jamba Juice should extend their message to encompass the health of the earth, and all of it’s wonderful creatures. A step could be taken in this direction, by eliminating plastic straws from their stores.

I have worked at Jamba Juice since 2016, and am a lead at their location on the Cal Poly, SLO campus—the school where the business was created as a senior project in 1990. Every time I hand out a smoothie with a plastic straw, I feel guilt, as I am putting another plastic straw out into the world, which has the potential to critically injure wildlife.

Please support this initiative, and let’s create a more healthy, sustainable world.