Jamaican Gvt - Give the Rastafarian and farming community a bigger stake in Ganja industry

Jamaican Gvt - Give the Rastafarian and farming community a bigger stake in Ganja industry

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Shanice Lindsay started this petition to Mr Andrew Holness PM (Office of the Prime Minister) and

We are calling on Jamaica's Prime Minister, Mr Andrew Holness, to engage Jamaica in a more profound way, and to following in the footsteps of Antigua and Bermuda by apologising to the Rastafarian community in Jamaica and repair the damage by giving them a meaningful stake in the profitable medicinal and recreational Ganja herbal market, to help improve their economic status create jobs in the sector and through its production, bring relief to millions of pain sufferers worldwide, and to look strategically at the potential that Jamaican Ganja has for Jamaica, for both local and international export uses.

For decades, the Rastafarian community were brutalised, tortured and scorned for their religious beliefs, culture, sacramental practices and oneness with nature and today, the herb that they unreservedly protected is not recognised by the world for its medicinal value.

This petition seeks to:

 1.    Fill an important gap in the Ganja medicinal and recreational markets for authentic quality produces, create jobs and business opportunities for the people of Jamaica in the new Ganja industry, and strengthen Jamaica economically.  It is noted that Colorado “Topped $1 Billion in legal Marijuana Sales in 2016.”

 2.    Eradicate the production of GM chemical marijuana/cannabis in Jamaica in order to reduce contamination and to protect, preserve and maintain the authenticity of natural Jamaican Ganja.

3.    Create a new Ganja Licensing Authority to be run by a small farmers’ collective with administrative support.

 4.    Take advantage of the international and commercial drive for health & wellness products by specifically marketing medicinal Jamaican Ganja.

In Conclusion:

 -       Jamaica’s future economic stake in Ganja’s revenue will be at risk if the government of Jamaica is not proactive in accessing the market at an early stage, directly behind other key players.

 -       Jamaican organic Ganja has the highest medicinal strength, and demand for it is increasing from many countries.

-       The health of Jamaicans would be best helped if the Government created an extended policy beyond authentic Ganja, to enforcing a ban on the importation of all genetically modified organisms to ensure that Jamaicans do not suffer any long-term health effects. 

 -       It is in the interest of the government and people to stimulate the economy by providing start up loans and grants to small businesses as an incentive to enable them to access and to grow the market.  We are calling for such incentives for small farmers to expand the Jamaican medicinal and recreational Ganja industry.

 -       We also call upon the government of Jamaica to establish a new model approach that embraces Jamaican Ganja-growing cultural tradition (widely celebrated in song-lyrics and other literature).

 -       Jamaican production must be entirely managed both by local growers and by  the Jamaican national  authorities - of course within the framework of applicable international law - having and exercising full control of the issuing of licences to businesses that are interested in cultivating Ganja, including terms and conditions for multiple commercial uses.

 -       It is clear that Jamaica experiences high unemployment, poor living conditions and social unrest, amongst many other social ills in this modern day.  As such, a thriving legal industry growing some of the world’s best and least genetically interfered-with Ganja on this island of unmatched natural beauty represents an immense opportunity and should be a major agent for reviving, lifting and boosting the economy, in terms of GDP, increased business activities, employment creation, investing in education, hospitals and general infrastructure, thus a collective building of Jamaica’s economy, and therefore its wealth.

 -       The Ganja industry has huge potential and we call upon the government of Jamaica to investigate and recognise Ganja as a major source of unique income. 

 -       Recently, (6th March 2018) the UN released information, which revealed that ‘the UK is the world’s largest producer and exporter of medical cannabis’.  The report goes on to show that the ‘UK produced 95 tons, thereby accounting for 44.9 percent of the world’s total production. The next closely followed competitor is Canada, with 80.7 tons. It is ironic that restrictions imposed on Jamaica is not adhered to by external forces.    

 -       It is also worth noting that the UK produces cannabis based medicines that is available on the NHS for patients suffering the effects of multiple sclerosis. 

 -       We call upon the government to become more dedicated to and to initiate research in this area, as well as provide relevant education, industry development, and accelerated entry and expansion of Jamaican Ganja onto world markets where demand is growing and can be much further developed.

 -       However, as the first step, we are requesting that the government of Jamaica relax conditions being enforced under its own Cannabis Licensing Authority, in order to allow small farmers participation in this multi-billion dollar industry, whilst engaging constructively in establishing the new Jamaican Ganja business support model. 

 -       The Jamaican diaspora as well as Jamaicans residing in Jamaica are looking to the government of Jamaica to act in the people’s best interest and for their benefit, as other countries have done in this industry.

 We thank you and look forward to a brighter future for Jamaica, one that generations of tomorrow will be thankful for.

 Yours sincerely,

 Jamaican diaspora (United Kingdom)

Jamaica's low level of economic growth has reached crisis proportions


     "The writer Stephen Jay Gould described his use of marijuana in

suppressing the nausea associated with cancer treatment:

I had surgery, followed by a month of radiation, chemotherapy, more surgery,

and a subsequent year of additional chemotherapy. I found that I

could control the less severe nausea of radiation by conventional medicines.

But when I started intravenous chemotherapy (Adriamycin), absolutely

nothing in the available arsenal of antiemetics worked at all. I was

miserable and came to dread the frequent treatments with an almost perverse


. . . marijuana worked like a charm. I disliked the " side effect" of mental

blurring (the "main effect" for recreational users), but the sheer bliss of not

experiencing nausea — and then not having to fear it for all the days intervening

between treatments — was the greatest boost I received in all my

year of treatment, and surely had a most important effect upon my eventual


(Grinspoon and Bakalar, 1993)


In an article published on the 4th June 2018 by RT, it claimed that "legalising Cannabis would pay for the NHS". An independent report published by the-profit Health Poverty Action, said  "The UK “can’t afford” to ignore the lucrative benefits of legalizing cannabis, ....claiming the class-B drug could earn the economy up to £3.5 billion ($4.7 billion) a year."

UK - Legalizing cannabis would pay for the NHS


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At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!