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Remove breed-restrictions from rentals, allow our fur-babies to have a chance

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     Right now most rentals have a breed restriction list which does not allow certain breeds of dogs to be kept. I would like to change this restriction from a punishment on the breed as a whole, to an individual evaluation of each dog. When renting, there needs to be a process in which the owner evaluates each animal applying, just like a person, to see if they qualify to live in their complex. Things like a food aggression test and a short interaction with the animal to see its temperament.       I do not find it fair or reasonable to hold an entire breed accountable for the actions of a few. The denial of a specific animal should be based on that animal as an individual, not as a whole. If we could change this, it opens doors for less abandoned animals, more homes willing to adopt, less crowding in shelters, and less stress on families should they need to move and find a new home. No longer will they have to worry about finding a home fore their animals as well.      In signing this petition we are coming together as a community to recognize that breed-restricted animals are not just animals but a huge part of our families. Some of these breed-restricted animals are the most loving and caring animals anyone could ask for and it is not fair for them to be judged by something out of their control. We need to speak up and create a voice for them!

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