Stop producing robots in the name of education

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I,Nikesh Kakshapati travelled all the way from Nepal to Bangalore in search of better education.As we know Banglore being termed as silicon valley in South Asia,I planned to join my Bachelor in Computer Application.When I started encountering,how things work here really saddened me. And it is very hard to make myself realise that I am trapped in a place where you can't think outside the box.There are so much of chaos such as people running for marks and attendance to get through their semester.As we know everything has a good and bad side, I am not trying to convince that we can't bring change out of this mess.Basically,We don't inspire people to learn and understand things.We are just doing things for the sake of doing it.I feel like we can do lots of improvement for the betterment of upcoming generation otherwise this process will be on practice until and unless somebody stand against it.

Some of the major problem:

1.Institution are just making things worst by making student sit in a confined room, don't let them wonder about things or prioritize their curiosity.

2. Practical knowledge is just below average,all those lab test are conducted before knowing the crore concept of the topic.

3. Doesn't let student analyze what they are studying and just rushing through course to be completed at the given time.

4. Doesn't value new idea and full demotivation in innovation and research.

5.As long as you are breathing you are considered as healthy and no matter how you do, you should finish things up.

6. Project work are just like fun activities,student really don't learn much through it.

There are many more but I will end up with these things. If we could really get through this ,I am sure students will learn much more things than they usually do.We should break this stereotype of marks and need to evaluate students by the knowledge they had gained.

I know, you might be thinking this guy is talking big things and its just kind of impossible to get through all those policies rules and regulation.But I say it is possible we can start change from today bring the enlightenment to our respective faculty that they play huge role in student's life.Just by an individual is meaningless. So I came up in this platform to spread my views and support of those people who had felt it.And I say together we can bring some change which will help us shape our future and upcoming ones.


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