Keep Jainism to Teachings of Lord Mahavira and not let it be cult !

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True Guru vs. Fake Guru

We grew up in an ordinary Jain Family. We can not stand to see our Jain religion turning into Cult with rituals dedicated to a person and not principles. We want to follow the principles preached by Lord Mahavira. It is not right for Self-appointed, Self-Style Guru's to twist our religion in order to increase their power, reach and wealth. As a Jain Society, we should be aware of all principles and practices instituted by Cult Leaders. If we do not agree with it, let us make our voice heard. Lord Mahavira established the "Chaturvidh Sangh" as the foresight to prevent hijacking religion by individuals and allow balanced growth of all devotees.

Ways for you to be active and Protect Jainism:

1. Sign the Petition to Jain Sangh's around the world:

2. Share Video through WA or YouTube:

3. You can share more information & evidence regarding such practices or self-styled Gurus claiming to preach Jain Dharma, Veetarag Marg or Moksha Marg through social media platforms below

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4. Please join and be active on Facebook Group / Twitter.


5. Create Question and be active participant on Quora/Wikipedia:

Please leave your contact information on any of above platform. We urge leaders of Jain societies around the world to ask such Gurus to give up these cult practices. Furthermore, they should urge them to adopt true Jain practices and traditions as outlined in Jain scriptures.