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Marshall boys killing kittens

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Hello fb friends.. I've made this post public so feel free, actually PLEASE DO, share with everyone u know-- I have some ILLINOIS animal abusers here for you. Three kids from MARSHALL ILLINOIS - CLARK COUNTY (one of them being 18 the other 2 are CLOSE ENOUGH)-- tortured and killed 4 two-day old kittens- 1 kitten was skinned alive, another kitten was decapitated, and the last two were kicked to death. They recorded it and posted all over their social media. States attorney is planning on prosecuting them, only the 18 year old has been charged thus far--but we all know the punishment will never fit the crime.. These kids are STAR ATHLETES with college scholarships and all--- well, I can't wait to hear what the future holds for these three--- I say that sarcastically, as we all know they'll get probation-- if they get anything at all.... How much you wanna bet they never even miss a game??? PLEASE PLEASE PUNISH THEM ALL SO MUCH MORE!! No different then them killing something else they were alive as well!

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