JAIL Brigadier David Baburam - Corruption, Fraud, Theft, Assault, Witness Tampering...

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Corruption in Kenya has diminished as our country has matured.  Our social climate demands better accountability of those in power, but there are still individuals like Brigadier David Baburam who bring SHAME to the great nation of Kenya.  

His corrupt and illegal use of power has gone unchecked for too long...SIGN and SHARE this petition to demand that he be investigated, charged and jailed by Kenyan Law for his many crimes…

Baburam's son passed away drunk in a hotel swimming pool after a prolonged battle with drug addiction, kidney disease and epilepsy. (see documents below)  

Death Certificate:  https://postimg.cc/xNPzFk6g

Blood Alcohol Report: https://postimg.cc/7JNKMZ0r

Three months after his son died, Baburam saw an opportunity to steal the family estate from his son's widow and her 3 children.  He concocted a story that his son was murdered

An original Murder Inquest at Malindi Court was dismissed for complete lack of evidence.  Then, by impossible coincidence, several witnesses simultaneously changed their statements to say there was a murder.  These false murder charges are now being played out in the Malindi and Mombasa courts by order of DPP Tobiko.  High Court Justice Chitembwe then stepped down from the case, citing that he did not to be implicated in a case surrounded by so much corruption!  (http://www.mediamaxnetwork.co.ke/news/274532/malindi-judge-withdraws-murder-case/ 

Brigadier Baburam stands to gain the family estate if an innocent widow is jailed for murder… He has tampered with witnesses and evidence.  He has stolen cars and changed log books illegally.  He has stolen land on which he now collects rent.  He has erased official shareholdings and made entire bank accounts disappear.   Despite documents that evidence his crimes, he continues to evade prosecution.  His corrupt and illegal actions have involved Police, Courts, Hospitals, Banks and Government Offices.  

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission of Kenya has it's work cut out for them to unravel Brigadier Baburam's dynamic abuse of his authority.

Baburam has two sons, Oneil Baburam and Harun Baburam.  The three of them have together evaded multiple charges of defamation, harassment, corruption, fraud, assault and attempted murder.  

Brigadier Baburam even assaulted a US citizen in JKIA, but the DPP refused to prosecute...you can see the CCTV footage here:  https://youtu.be/t78BDBumgDI

P3 Assault Form:

DPP Refusing to Prosecute: https://postimg.cc/tnkBdcbS

The two sons of Brigadier Baburam then tried to kill the same US Citizen by running him down in the parking lot of Muthangari Police Station.  OB# 31/13/6/2016 of Muthangari Police Station recorded by OCS Kirimi as ATTEMPTED MURDER.

This is the actual stamped OB#  https://postimg.cc/MvfFKmCs

Police refused to investigate the Baburam family, despite filing the report for attempted murder that was witnessed by over 15 police officers on their own station property.

How has DPP Tobiko allowed this corruption of justice to happen?

Times have changed in Kenya.  Our voices can be heard.  We refuse to be accept corruption, we defend the wrongfully accused, and we demand that Brigadier Baburam be prosecuted for his crimes according to the Laws of Kenya!