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Amend Insecticide act of India 1968 Enforce it Strongly to Protect our Future Generation.

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I Don’t Smoke or Drink, I Eat Well & Exercise. How Did I Still Get Cancer? 

He led an extremely healthy lifestyle; exercised regularly, maintained a balanced diet and did not have any addictions. Yet, cancer had managed to conquer his system. 

"Why Me", Thedistraught man asked the doctor.

The Doctor was speechless.

Many oncologists go through a similar ordeal almost every day. A lot of their patients may have maintained a healthy lifestyle and yet, end up succumbing to cancer. It may not be just tobacco; we have tons of other carcinogens, which have unfortunately entered our diet chart.

Do we have too much pesticides in our food? Are these really harmful? Is there a way to prevent this?

The Answer is "YES" to above two questions.

Some of the reports on food exports from India show we rank among the top in agri-food rejects to USA & EU as per the UNIDO reports. 

The key reasons for rejects implicated in the reports were – mycotoxins, microbial contamination, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, unauthorised food additives, product composition and pesticide residues.

If this was the quality for exports, what could be the standards of internal consumption for us Indians?

The larger question – is our farmer well educated about balancing the quantity of pesticides to be used for safe and optimal yield; or does he believe that more is better! (Dilution and mixing of pesticides in regulated quantity is key.)

Let us Look at this one example which tells us a Lot.

Endosulfan is an internationally banned insecticide. Despite the ban made by UN, Endosulfan is still being used in India. Recent reports in media highlighted traces of endosulfan found in several vegetables. Personal interactions with farmers confirm their use of these banned pesticides owing to a quick, sustained and stable yield.

Is it not time for us to amend and strongly enforce Insecticide act of India 1968 to protect ourselves and our future generations?

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