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Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing Of All Politicians and Public Servants.

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With the Liberal Government determined to make the gap between equality and inequality bigger, We as voters believe its time to make demands of the government no one admits to voting in.

Mr Turnbull is hell bent on punishing people on welfare  and it does not matter from which payment. From working family's receiving family tax, single mothers who have escaped DV to Aged Pensioners who have worked hard all their life.  It seems everyone EXCEPT the politicians have to tighten their belts and tow the line.

After recent drug testing announcements for Youth Allowance and Newstart I propose:

1.) Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing for all Politicians and Public Servents.  Any person receiving Tax Funded Wages.  Police, Judges, Employment Providers and so on.  To be carried out by independent bodies NOT government officials or employees.

2.) Any person who tests positive shall be immediately suspended without pay or perks and their wages or holidays owed placed on an INDUE Basics Card.  They can access $90.00 per week of this and are not entitled to any centerlink benefits.  

3.) Mandatory Rehabilitation for 3 months.  After that they must then prove that they are clean and reapply for their position. If they don't pass immediate dismissal, forfeit any pension or long service leave.

4.) Any funding from this should be put into Mental Health services and support.

5.) The Parliament Bar should either be shut during the day to ALL Politicians and staff. A general employee would be fired if found intoxicated at work.  This should also be the same for politicians and all Public Servants. Mr Barnaby Joyce's cheeks aren't flushed red all day for nothing.  Mr Hynch who sleeps his way through his work day.  Both at the Tax Payers expense.  This may also make them act civilized and like decent human beings, not drunken pirates having a play date while pretending to run the country.

Jacqui Lambie came out and said Parliament needs cleaning up, so this petition is to inform Australian Politicians and Public Servants that they should set precedence and an example by Introducing these 4 measures.

If the government can enforce this.  The government should also adhere to this.

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