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Frikkie Du Toit is one example of those who are sponsoring the slaughtering of big game for profit. In one of his photos he shows a smiing family standing over a dead elephant who was mercilessly shot while eating. The food is still in the elephant's mouth. This barbaric activity MUST BE STOPPED. Expose all those who partake in this slaughter and create legislation making this activity a Class A Felony

Letter to
President South Africa Jacob Zuma
Stop African Safari Slaughter for Profit
Dear President Zuma,
I urge you to create and enforce legislation that will stop the inhumane slaughter of big game for profit. The proprietor who is responsible for this reprehensible death of the elephant in the photo above is Frikkie Du Toit of Frikkie Du Toit Safari's. These majestic creatures are being slaughtered under the guise of hunting. This is not hunting. This elephant was killed by a high-powered rifle while eating and for what purpose? Again, I urge you to join us in protecting big game in South Africa and be the leader in ensuring this barbaric chapter in our world's history is permanently closed.