Jacob Rees-Mogg to apologise for incorrectly saying Corbyn did not vote for the GFA

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In the course of a Channel 4 news interview on the 28th February, Jacob Rees-Mogg incorrectly stated that Jeremy Corbyn did NOT vote for the Good Friday agreement, when in fact he did.


Channel 4 FactCheck confirming Jeremy Corbyn voted for the Good Friday agreement

It is highly damaging for Rees-Mogg to twist the truth about the leader of the oopposition in this way, and leads to the suspicion that he lied deliberately to cause that damage. If Rees-Mogg has any integrity at all, he should apologise to Jeremy Corbyn and the public, who resent and feel contempt for what they perceive to be lying, untrustworthy politicians - preferably in as equally a public way as he made his original incorrect statement.