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Jacob Rees-Mogg, we need you in No. 10 more than ever now!

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Theresa May has clearly fudged Brexit as much as she possibly can, and everyone with a brain in their heads knows it.  She has betrayed the Electorate, the 17.4 million voters that patriotically voted to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016, all for her own personal gain.  Mrs. May's reputation as Home Secretary was bad enough, and she still voted to remain.  After she became PM following all the Brexiteer candidates withdrawing, it's the reason that we are in such a mess.  She's allowed the remoaners and the Liberal Left to dominate every corner of our nation, and could even make it a crime to be far-right, who are righter than they'll ever be wronged.

More than ever now Mr. Rees Mogg, we need our to stand up for our country, oust Theresa May from No.10, and lead the United Kingdom to the victory that we wanted, and the True Brexit that we had the guts to vote for despite political correctness, and EU bullying.

As a brexiteer myself, I voted because I cared very strongly about the security and soverignity of this island nation.  We are suppoed to be a 'Great' Britain, and under May's Leadership, 'Great' belongs in our name no more.  Terrorism has cornered us, and we blame it on innocent President Trump, innocent Russians, innocent everything, not the real guilty party.

I say to you again Mr. Rees-Mogg, please find the courage to defy Mrs. May, because she will not listen to you about Pro-Brexit.  The people have decided in numerous polls that we need you to take the keys to No.10, so please do not ignore this petition, please take heed and help us to lead this country out of Brexit Development Hell.  Thank you.

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