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Illegal refugees entering Canada without a price. And what has the Gov't done?

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As a young Canadian youth living quite near to the Canada, United States border, this illegal refugee problem does affect me, and my feeling of personal security of my family and close friends. One day soon I don't want to wake up to have squatters in my back yard having a cute little wiener roast and singing kumbaya or wake up with possessions and property missing or animals taken or killed or vehicles vandalized and wrecked or have stories of farmers crops being ruined during summer from refugees making their own camp in the middle of a farmers field. It will eventually happen and Canadians are going to get ticked. The list can go on and on. I'm so sick and tired of the government turning their heads the other direction and letting this happen. And these so called refugees do it without repercussions other than maybe being arrested, processed and thrown into the Canadian system anyways. And how can they even say that they are refugees, I mean they aren't crossing from a war torn country, they are leaving because there is actually a man in power who is laying down the law and people are too soft or scared to comprehend such a thing because such things have been ok for too long. So I'd like a legitimate reason. The government needs to pull their heads out of the dirt and put their peace pipes down and actually address and solve an actual problem. I need people who have the same mindset and goals as I do. I need to form a group to make PM  Trudeau notice that it's not actually ok and he needs to lay down the law. I'm not against any religion or race but I am against illegals coming over for free. And it's crazy what they get paid for being a refugee. Once they are over they can apply for refugee status and get a monthly allowance of $1890.00 and each can get an additional $580.00 in social assistance which adds up to $2470.00 a month which is $29,640.00 a year for doing nothing. They are leeching off the system because they know it works and they are getting paid to good to go back to where they came from. Explain to me the justice in that. Personally I think PM Trudeau needs to focus on our own before he focuses on illegal immigrants and their whining needs. I don't care about those coming over by boat and what not, that's not my focus here. My focus here is the refugees crossing over without papers and doing it just because they want. If you don't like what I have said here, and your too soft for it, so for all you snowflakes don't bother commenting. I've said my piece and trying to make a change when nobody else is.

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