Justice for Mya. A pit bull gunned down and killed

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On May 31, 2018, at approximately 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Mya, a young pit bull was gunned down and killed by Evans, WV resident JW Casto. He’s a wealthy business man who thinks he’s entitled to do what he wants because of having money. The animal shelter nor the law enforcement don’t seem to want to do anything because of his wealth. Does money buy someone immunity from punishment for breaking the law?  For being cruel?  For being a subhuman jerk?  Does it buy class?  Please sign my petition to show the Humane officer and Sheriff’s department that we don’t stand for shooting of people’s animals. Mr Casto and family  claims it was chasing his cows. Another neighbor said it was not. Even if it was should chasing another animal be punishable by death?  It’s an innate desire for animals to run and play. Mya was a young dog. A lively, loveable beautiful little wiggle butt now dead.  She leaves behind a grieving family of people and other fur kids. Let’s tell the authorities we love our animals. They’re family. And Mr Casto should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no matter how much money he has. Money does not exempt anyone from the law.