Justice For Jax

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Our beloved pet was shot in the face by our neighbor while in our backyard through a 6ft wooden privacy fence. He admittedly poked our dog through the fence with a shovel handled dandelion poker before he fired the shot. Prosecutor Michael Hunt has declined charges against our neighbor Kenneth Haen, stating our dogs intent was to possibly break through the fence. Mr. Haen shot our dog at point blank range while standing directly over him with only his nose visible through a small opening at the bottom of the fence. What he did was both cruel and inhumane. While we were at work and our kids were at school our poor Jax suffered severely. He made it back into the house through the dog door only to be euthanized by our veterinarian because of the un-repairable damages. This is not okay. This is a crime that should be punished. We had no inclination what so ever this neighbor did not like our dog. There was not a single prior complaint from Kenneth Haen. This petition is not just about Justice for Jax. This is for all of the Pitbull breed, this is for any animal who is unjustly murdered whose killer is not charged. 

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE this petition. Help us send a message to Jackson County Prosecutor's office Missouri that this is a crime. Let's make it known that our pet's are family not property. Our Jax was a brother, a son, a best friend not a couch or a chair and he and all animals should be safe from human predators while on their own property.