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Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau : Cancel the Mississippi Bullfighting Event Dec.7th Jackson, MS

Bullfighting is an abhorrent practice, whether it is "bloodless" or not, because it perpetuates a cultural practice that does involve killing the animal in other countries. The bulls are forced to defend themselves through intimidation and fear and probably are abused beforehand to make them fearful. Bullfighting is not a sport. A sport involves an agreement between parties to participate, and the bulls do not have a choice. Some cultural traditions should not be perpetuated when it involves oppression of another sentient being. Animals are not our commodities to be used however we see fit. There is NO legitimate reason for continuing to exploit an innocent animal in such a way. We request that you cancel this event and do not support in the future this form of animal cruelty. Our tax dollars should not be paying for cruelty!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Executive Director, Mississippi State Fair Commission
    Billy Orr
  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce at Mississippi Dept. of Agriculture
    Cindy Hyde-Smith

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