Prevent Outsourcing Animal Inspectors

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Remember Harambe?

There have already been plenty of incidents concerning zoo and circus animals, and they need to stop. If the USDA or APHIS(Animal and Plant Inspection Service) decides to begin outsourcing animal inspectors, inspectors from private companies will begin overseeing zoos, aquariums, circuses - Basically all services involving animals. Reports may become biased (There's really no way to prevent corruption, but we can reduce it by making sure inspectors are hired by the government and have had the necessary background checks), and inspection reports that are already difficult to obtain may become next to impossible to get ahold of. Rather than be transparent as they should be, they will lock up all information tighter than before.

Additionally, outsourcing inspectors would open the gates for more animal-related incidents to happen - and more animal lives will be put down to save foolish, blundering humans who prop up their infant on a fence of a predatory animal enclosure. Truly, we are killing animals for no good reason other than our own faults and ignorance.

However, APHIS is still considering whether or not to outsource inspectors. You know what that can do to the animals we love so dearly - the ones that are facing being wiped off the planet, their population reduced by one because of our simple-minded, selfish thoughts only for ourselves. We can prevent outsourcing. But only if YOU help by signing this petition!