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Remove Raheel Khursheed as Head of Twitter India !!

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Dear Jack,

It was a heartbreaking to read Mr Raheel Khurshed making fun of a very sacred hindu festival telling Indian women the following :

“”For ur Navraatras: Durex Upwaas, Saboodana Flavor. Let festive season begin!””

He is using extremely vulgar and lewd language to Insult hindu festivals as well as hindus, especially hindu women. The following content will help you realize exactly how bad and sad this tweet made us feel.

Untill very recently, before the Social Media became a formidable force in our lives, a large majority of Indians believe, that Main Stream Media of India, the electronic as well as print, treated every day, common, next door Indian as  illiterate, uneducated, and ignorant people and always tried to shove their “elitist” opinion on us. Many Indians, deep in their hearts held contempt in their heart for such entities and struggled to have a voice. So when we were blessed with twitter, we were elated to finally have a voice and a platform to express our thoughts and views on everyday things that affected our lives. Twitter offered a NEUTRAL platform where opinion counted and every voice mattered.

However, a lot of us were shocked and disappointed when twitter Appointed Mr. Raheel Khursheed as Head of India Operations in 2014. Mr Khursheed, through his past actions and strong opinions, has brought back the same elitist rule in the social media as well, at least as far as India is concerned.

The problem, as many of us feel that Mr Khursheed has a strong personal opinion in politics and social issue, which has hindered his capability to ensure a neutral platform for Indians. Many times, and very rightly, he has ensured that no religiously inciting content is shared and spread. No false or misleading stories regarding religion and politicians is spread. There is no harmful abusive behaviour on the twitter. But, he does not extend the same courtesy to Hindus of India as well as to the right wing politicians and their supporter. He has let unchecked the content that absolutely insults and damages hindu statement. Not only he has no guidelines to stop incorrect and false stories that damage right wing politicians, he has also actively himself indulged in spreading such content. He has also abused right wing supporters in a language not suitable of his position.

In addition he has also strong belief about Indian security forces and in the past has worked to demonize and demoralize Indian security forces and in a way threatened our national security. He also ridiculed American people for exercising their democratic and constitutional right to vote and select their president. He also insulted American people when he insulted their choice of president.

All these action do not set a correct example and as far as Indians are concerned, this put Twitter India in a bad light. Many Indians see this act of favouring only a certain religion and ideology as an elitist treatment given to us as if we were third class citizens in our own country.

Thus, to restore our faith in twitter India, and our respect for it to provide a neutral platform, we respect you to relieve Mr Khursheed as head of India operations.

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