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Petition To Remove Judge Aida Wasserstein

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Judge Aida Wasserstein has exhibited a pattern of inconsistency and extreme judicial prejudice in rendering final decisions in child custody and show cause cases. More often than not her decisions are based on personal biases and false premises while ignoring the concrete facts presented. It is the child(ren) who are most affected by her decisions that can have some long term negative impacts. We ask that Aida Wasserstein be forced to step down as a Family Court Judge and have all finals orders reviewed and reversed for those desiring to have their cases retried. My interest in having her removed is she has stripped me of time with my son due to as she puts it being in contempt of court for me not taking part in a "voluntary" joint parent session with my ex wife and childs therapist. She also found me in contempt for not appearing for a Show Cause hearing on August 11th despite calling the court in advance to indicate I could not make it due to a work situation, that I could not get out of. It was portrayed by her as I chose just to go to work over appearing in court, which was a total fabrication. For those reasons cited I lost a day per week with my son. Not due to any abuse or negligence, but for simply not allowing her to bully me with the power of the court. Also she has elected to believe verbal unsupported lies from my ex wife over the indisputable written evidence I provided to the court. There are many who can share their experiences in her court room, who have fallen victim to her abuse of power. She is making decisions with no legal precedent as a baseline and as a result causing very damaging long term effects to the relationship between parent and child(ren).

The time to put an end to her abusive authority is now.

Sincerely, Dominic L Williams

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