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#RIPTwitter, it's not just a hashtag, it's a message.

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 In 2006 a social media platform was born that allowed people the freedom of choice to follow other accounts and interact with those accounts by way of short messages comprised of a maximum of 140 characters. At the outset a lot of folks thought this new site, Twitter, was just a flash in the pan. I mean how could people really capture the headlines, change the world or reach out to each other with so few characters? And yet, it worked, it has evolved into a platform that many truly appreciate as a contender to be 'King of the Hill' in the minefield of social media options these days. 

Twitter has, over the years, been used as the main conduit for breaking news from items such as Royal Babies, Natural Disasters and Civil Unrest not to mention allowing millions of adoring fans a direct link to keeping tabs on their Sports, Screen, Musical and Lifestyle idols. Everyone who followed accounts breaking those headlines were able to do so in real time, were able to then retweet those stories, in real time, and in doing so aiding them to go viral throughout the media World. Sadly it now seems Twitter, in its ultimate wisdom, has decided that our freedom to hear, share and react to news as it happens is no longer relevant. 

It has been suggested that Twitter is preparing plans to introduce an Algorithm Timeline which means that News or Updates this algorithm decides are important will be prioritised on the home feed above the accounts that users follow. The whole point of following accounts on Twitter signals an individuals willingness and desire to receive updates and information from other accounts as they are posted. An algorithm timeline takes that freedom of choice away. This is not what the majority of people want.

Over the years people have asked Twitter for additions to the service, requests that constantly fall on deaf ears. Some of these requests have been;

1 - Opt In / Out of Direct Messages
2 - Edit Button for Tweets (option to edit a tweet in a given time limit)
3 - Revert to the Star to Indicate a favourite Tweet
4 - Add a Disapproval button
5 - Be able to see 'Last Tweeted` info when hovering over account name so as to avoid following 'dead' or rarely used accounts.

The goal of this petition is to dutifully request that Mr. Jack Dorsey, the current CEO and Co Founder of Twitter, listens to the needs of the platforms users, those who make Twitter what it is. Decisions made in the boardroom should reflect what this user base make clear what it wants, not what other people think they want. All you have to do is go on to Twitter and ask. 

Please allow us, as adults the basic freedom of choice to read the information we sign up to hear in the order in which it is posted. How can an algorithm decide what it thinks we want to see, when Twitter clearly cannot hear what it is we we're telling it we want to see?

Please, do the right thing.

Mark Thorpe

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