Don’t Censor Minister Farrakhan on Twitter

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Dear Jack Dorsey,

We are writing to request that you protect the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s right to expression and free speech by keeping his Twitter account active.

Strong, uncompromising Black leaders who fight for the liberation of their people have not historically been appreciated or lauded until after they are long gone. For over 65 years the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has given his life for the liberation and upliftment of fallen humanity, in particular, Black people of America and the world.

From the streets of Harlem to the shanties in Africa; from prisons to universities; from the storefront church to professional organizations; Minister Farrakhan has been there, teaching a message of love, respect, honor and self-reliance that has transformed the lives of men, women and children. 

Minister Farrakhan has been a guide and advisor to and for Black youth and has helped to quell tensions among gangs to stop the fratricidal violence. His guidance has been sought after by celebrities and politicians alike. 

Minister Farrakhan has spoken in many churches, mosques, and even a synagogue. He has shared the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad all over the world.

Minister Farrakhan’s consistency and defense of Black and oppressed people is why he is still admired, respected, and loved by us and others. His unwavering love and support of freedom, justice and equality for all has endeared him to generations. 

Recently a call has been made to ban Minister Farrakhan from Twitter.

Sign this Petition and let the world know that we support Minister Farrakhan’s uncensored voice on social media.