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Patreon is taking away Adult Creators creative freedom with their new guidelines.

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Hello to all,

I am writing this to inform you of Patreon's latest stance on Adult content creators, if you are not aware Patreon recently changed its policy with regards to what Adult creators could create on their platform.

These changes came and shortly after many Adult content creators where suspended or banned from their platform for violating the new guidelines put in place without informing them first.

The new guidelines state that Incest, Bestiality and other taboo contents would not be allowed on Patreon's platform, but it does not stop on the platform, they also do not allow you to link to or advertise your game if it contains any of the above.

They are now doing the unspeakable and telling creators what they can create, this violates the creative freedoms of the creators of said content and if a creator who became famous for said content wishes to continue making said content then they are banned and their lively hoods are at stake and Patreon uses that against them, it is a threat to your life as a creator on Patreon.

They also do not define what is considered Porn or Art within the guidelines, this mostly effects the creators of Fictional Adult games/Art that do not contain any real life characters and simply use words like Father and Daughter to define their relationship, these Adult games should be considered Fantasy and not be placed into the same category as Real Porn.

Let me tell you something i tell myself, Fictional/Fantasy Adult games are visual novels and works of Art that contain great stories, these works have no attachment to real lives and every character within these games is 18+ in their own worlds, what we see them do in these world is only for their worlds and it is thanks to the creators of these games that these worlds exist.

Many believed that all of these taboo contents were allowed so long as your creations were behind a Pay-wall, which to me seems fair, you could really only pay if you were an adult.

So what we ask Patreon to do is this:
-State that your New Guidelines do not effect Creations of Fiction and/or Fantasy.
-You will not ask a Creator to Change what is inside their Creations.
That is everything, I hope that you will sign this Petition for Change and help fight for creative freedom on Patreon.

If we win we get our creative freedom but if we lose then we sell out our creative freedom which is the same as giving up the fight for Net Neutrality.

Thank you.


Thank you all for your support, please pass this on wherever you can to help the cause.

Here are a few selected comments from concerned supporters of this petition for change:

-"Creators of "adult content" represent 20% of the creators on Patreon. Don't try to fool your investors, Mr Conte, it's thanks to those creators that your society is what it is now ; thanks to them if you raised $60 millions from your investors in September. And now what ?
You used them like a pimp, like a modern slaver. How to define otherwise what you did and what you actually do ? You used them, you even welcomed them when you get for them the possibility of use credit cards. And now that you feel like you don't need them anymore, you give them an impossible choice: Either they let you dictate what they can create, or you kick them out, depriving them of the financial help they need to keep creating.
Who would be your next target ? No one is safe in your site anymore into your dictatorship, because your words worth nothing, Mr Conte. You multiplied the promises to the creators you try to now put under your control. One month ago you were still saying that you had nothing against them, that anyone is welcome on your site and that no one will be kicked out. And now you betray them like if you never said a single of all these words. Did your investors know that your promises have no values ? Did they know that you have no honor, no pride and no shame ? I hope they'll understand it before they give you even more millions to parade like a the peacock you are."

-"People's fetishes are no ones problem and it can't be. These places are for people to live a fantasy that is created for them and you shouldn't be taken it away because it will only make people wilder."

-"Creative outlets for sexuality aren't always about offenses to others. This is not the match-light to start the fire which leads to predation, this is merely creative outlets for human sexuality and in many cases the games themselves are actually very fun to play even outside of the taboo parts.

If cartoon violence is not endemic to actual violence I see no reason why content such as this which is clearly of a fantasy/video game/cartoon should be held to the same standards."

"The main thing that needs to be understood is that we as "clients" use our money to donate or purchase the content of what is being made. So why would you tell the creators that they can no longer make that content?!! Are you afraid that it makes you look bad if you allow such content to be made? It doesn't. Its quite the opposite actually. You were giving people the freedom to explore their desires on a broad gaming spectrum and you have taken it away. There is absolutely nothing to fear from allowing a creator to keep their original content in a game and/or allowing them to broaden their creations. We don't need another "parent", we need a place that supports us and allows us to escape the everyday burdens of life. I for one know that when I click on a game and start to play it, that it is precisely that... a game. It doesn't make me look, feel or objectify anyone differently outside of the game. Take for instance MrDots' Dating My Daughter. Yeah the game itself is about a relationship between a father and daughter, but it's a work of art, with a great love story. But you wanted him to take out all and any word or content involving dad, daddy, father, daughter, etc. and delete them or replace them. So now we just have another "man" and "girl" love story. The original content has no affect on my person to make me want to have an incest relationship with my child, because I know it isn't appropriate in the real world. But this isn't about the real world now is it? It's about censoring people's ideas and thoughts to what you want them to be. If it continue's, I will urge all the creators that I donate MY money to, to leave Patreon and seek out someone that doesn't have a political agenda or a stick up their asses because I really don't want my money going to someone that controls what I decide to spend my free time doing in a GAME. MrDOTS and all other free thinking creators... keep up the good work."

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