NZ: ban ALL single use plastic products and polystyrenes now!

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In 2018 NZ was rated the 10th worst country in the world in terms of urban waste per capita by the World Bank! Indonesia is currently sending back OUR contaminated rubbish that we send offshore!   Lets turn this around and become the first country to put full and wide bans in place that will reduce this waste and start dealing with our own problem not passing it to others - particularly the waste that will not break down in our lifetimes. There are already alternative solutions for all these waste items - we just haven’t bothered to make it happen!

NEW ZEALAND - let us be the first country in the world to ban ALL single use plastics And polystyrenes - including packaging. (Read on for details.) 

New Zealand - We used to lead the world: first to give women the vote, first to go nuclear free, first to have all four top political positions held simultaneously by women... 

And, we are still leading the world now - when it comes to WASTE!

As the 10th worst country in the world in terms of urban waste we were only beaten in the waste stakes by these (mostly small developing) nations:

1. Kuwait, 2. Antigua & Barbuda, 3. St Kitts & Nevis, 4. Guyana, 5. Sri Lanka, 6. Barbados, 7. St Lucia, 8. Solomon Islands, 9. Tonga, 10. New Zealand

And note, the USA only ranked 19, Australia did not even rank in the top 20, nor did the UK or almost all of Europe. This is not only a disgrace, it is a major issue for our environment and for the clean green image New Zealand has as this is clearly inaccurate.

We have banned single use plastic bags in retail stores and most products with microbeads, but this is a very limited start in dealing with the environmental crisis we and the world are facing. Meanwhile other countries have been busy cleaning up their act leaving us in their wake.

BANGLADESH - first country to ban plastic bags 2002 

RWANDA - first country to ban ALL plastics 2008

FRANCE - first country to ban all plastic cups plates and utensils 2016 

ZIMBABWE - first country to ban use of expanded polystyrene in food containers 2017

ITALY - first country to ban plastic cottonbuds 2019

VANUATU - first country to ban disposable nappies / diapers 2019 (they have also one of the strictest plastic bans which includes styrofoam food containers) 

DENMARK - first country to ban all toxic PFAS chemicals in food lining 2019

EU - first to ban all of the following: single-use plastic cutlery, cotton buds, straws and stirrers and polystyrene cups

Let’s mandate for NZ to lead the world again and make our clean green image more real, and consistent with the way we market ourselves to the rest of the world! 

NEW ZEALAND - let us be the first country in the world to ban ALL of the following - not just one or two:

1. All single use plastic shopping bags  ✅ 
2. All single use plastics - including plastic bottles, plastic bags used by retailers to bag items such as fruit and vegetables or bread, plastic stickers on fruit and vegetables, plastic doggy poo bags, plastic food containers, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plasters, and plastic earbuds
3. All single use styrofoam and polystyrene articles (eg takeaway food containers)
3. All PFAS chemical toxic lining in food containers including single use containers 
4. All styrofoam and polystyrene packaging - whether on locally produced or imported goods
5. All plastic packaging on retail products
6. All micro beads in ALL products (removing current exceptions)
7. All glitter containing plastics in all products 
8. All disposable nappies / diapers containing plastics
9. All give-away plastic toys in restaurants and fast food chains


We all know we have a pollution and environmental crisis on our hands - not just on land but in the sea. I have seen it first hand in remote deserted islands where plastic and polystyrene bottles, containers, micro beads, nappies, toys and other waste abounds on the shores. We’ve all seen the turtle with a straw stuck in its nostril and the painful removal of that straw. That is one tiny example of the harm we are causing and a symptom of what we have done to the planet in just a relatively few years. But now, equally, we can reverse that damage in a relatively few years too - and we have to start by stopping! Stop adding more to the seas and rivers and forests and landfills. Stop letting plastics, styrofoam, and glitter (products that are estimated to take 500+ years to break down) from even entering or being created in our country.


Please sign the petition and demand that the New Zealand government bring in a ban on the import and production of each of these products to be introduced immediately and to be in place and effective by the end of 2022.

New Zealand - we can lead the world again!! 
(Read about the most wasteful nations here: