Better Protection for Aotearoa New Zealand's Native Animals

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Our beautiful wildlife is losing population. They make NZ significant in its own way, and it's devastating about the shamefully small number. With only 55 Maui dolphins left over the age of one, this is showing that NZ disrespects nature and in my opinion, it’s embarrassing. There are only 100,000 kiwis left in our bush, which sounds like a lot, but there used to be an estimated twelve million so it it’s decreased rapidly.

In this country we have unnatural products, introduced predators, global warming, increased fishing industry, disgusting litter and light pollution, not to mention our terrible plastic bag problem. Did you know that every minute, a rubbish-truck-worth of plastic is dumped in the ocean? Saving our animals is just one thing that we need to start doing, and we need to start doing it now. 

The government have the power to change these devastating numbers. Sign this petition and help protect our beautiful native animals. It's not fair that they are so endangered. 

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