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End your discriminatory policy barring people from depositing cash into other people's accounts.

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My name is Kevin.  I am 28 years old and I am fortunate enough to work within a few miles of my parents' house.  My mother is disabled, so I get to brighten her day by eating lunch with her a couple times a week at the house.  Sometimes, while I'm there, she asks me to run a few errands for her.  My father is out of town for work a lot, so I'm happy to help.

For over a decade now, the easiest of these tasks was to simply drive down the street to our local Chase Bank location and deposit checks and cash she has received from birthday cards and the like.

Then one day in early April 2014, I went down to the bank holding a check bearing her name worth $60.00 or so, and $100.00 in cash.  I sent it through the drive-thru.  The teller sent the cash back with a note stating they require and ID to deposit cash.  This was odd, I thought, but I sent my driver's license and tried again.  She again sent the money back and informed me only the account holder can deposit cash.  I informed her that my mother is disabled and cannot leave the house.  She said there was nothing she could do.

I then went into the bank and spoke with a manager.  She explained that this was part of Chase's new attempt to prevent money laundering.

This is simply ridiculous.  I can understand the position of trying to stop illegal activity, but the paltry couple hundred dollars I put in my mother's account in cash every year should NOT be treated like suspected criminal activity.  It's sad to say, but there are people even less mobile than my mother is who literally cannot drive or walk themselves to a bank and rely on other people to help them.

I refuse to give Chase my personal information and become added to the account, as they suggested, as I don't want to give a company with a history such as theirs that much information about me.  I just want to be able to help my mother.

Every other bank I've contacted (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Woodforest) seem genuinely shocked when I ask them what their cash deposit policies are and explain why I'm asking.

A bank not accepting cash simply does not make sense.  It'd be one thing if it was just bad for business, but it is actively discriminatory toward the disabled, agoraphobic, and others who depend on the kindness of others to help them.

Please help me let Chase Bank know that we think their policies are ridiculous and that everyone should have equal access to depositing money.

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