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PET MILK: Compensate the Fultz Quads Families

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The Fultz sisters were born on May 23, 1946 and became the first identical African-American quadruplets on record. They were instant celebrities upon entering the world.

The Doctor who delivered them took it upon himself to name the girls and negotiate a deal between the family and Pet Milk.

Pet Milk wanted to reach the African-American market and thought this was the best way to do it. 

They took the children off of breastmilk and required them to be fed their product. They also promised a nurse, farm for the family and a new home.

Technically, they received all of it. However, the farmland they were placed on was dead, hilly land, so no crops could be grown. The house was 4 rooms for 15 people with a hot-plate instead of a stove.

They also required the babies to be shown behind a glass wall every day from 2-4pm.

Their compensation? $350 a month total, for which the salary of the nurse had to be paid. All 4 sisters contracted breast cancer and only one survives today.

Pet milk went on to make millions off the family and the African-American community. I believe now is the time to do the right thing and apologize for how this was handled and financially compensate the remaining sister and their descendants before she passes as well. 

Pet Milk and The Smuckers Company; do the right thing.

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