Will You Help Me Show J. Crew That Inclusion Can Be Fashionable?

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Will You Help Me Show J. Crew That Inclusion Can Be Fashionable?

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Elizabeth Jackson started this petition to J. Crew Mickey Drexler and

J. Crew sells glasses. Why don't they sell canes? Why are some assistive devices celebrated and mainstream while others (like canes) are relegated to the hidden underworld of hospital shops and medical warehouses?

Did you know that as people become comfortable with the assistive devices they use, they are less likely to self report that they feel disabled? They become more involved in their communities. And their rate of functional decline slows. Furthermore assistive devices help disabled people and their caregivers re-enter the work force. Research shows that when you offer a choice of assistive devices, abandonment of the device decreases exponentially. Successful adoption of an assistive device leads to a reduction in falls. Falls are the leading cause of death among our elderly population.

The support of assistive devices should be celebrated. Not stigmatized.

I started this petition because I use a cane and my cane and I are often the subject of questioning glances and curious questions. I'm often told to 'feel better' or asked 'what happened'. I am not someone who needs to feel better. And 'what happened' is actually who I am. Interestingly, I wear glasses for the exact same medical reason that I carry a cane, yet my glasses are never questioned.

This petition was created to ask (my favorite store) J. Crew three questions:

- Will you sell this beautiful cane in your In Good Company curated collection?

- Will you feature this cane with a beautiful model in your beautiful catalog? 

- Are you open to making your amazing products more inclusive? 

Oftentimes petitions are used to bully or force someone's hand. My campaign is not intended to do either. This petition is intended to create an open dialogue and to show J. Crew that a market exists.   So, why J. Crew?  J. Crew states one of their top priorities is to run their business with sensitivity to the world around them. J. Crew is the only company I know that is cool enough to pull this off. Aware enough to make it fit. And large enough to have an impact.    

'In Good Company' is a curated collection within J. Crew that works with companies that fit J. Crew’s brand. An ‘In Good Company’ partnership is often collaborative in nature and iconic in style, featuring brands you may not have happened upon otherwise... like Sabi, the creator of my beautiful cane.   

If you agree that there is a stigma surrounding certain assistive devices (such as a cane); that disability is not about one's body, but about one's ability to navigate the world around them; and that beauty is not hindered by disability, join my campaign! I feel a lot of gratitude to J. Crew for being a company that I feel could embrace the idea of #YesJCrewCane. This process has made me feel a bit like my childhood self on the playground... tugging the hair of the ones I like, asking to be included. Thank you J. Crew -- and thank YOU for your support!

Feel free to Tweet #YesJCrewCane to @jcrew or Click HERE to learn more.  

Note: The cane in my photo is made by a wonderful company called Sabi. Sabi's sole vision is to elevate every day items. I have no financial ties to Sabi. I simply have the support of them and their cane. 

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This petition had 2,281 supporters

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