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Don't Evict A Neighborhood Grocer in Brooklyn


Pacific Green has been a neighborhood institution in Cobble Hill since it opened in 2001. It provides great food and great service, and is beloved by the community. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and lots of other foods fill the store. The friendly staff is always there to help you find whatever you need.

All that is about to change. The landlord has told them they are going to have to leave by the end of the year. A new J. Crew is set to open up in their space. The owners of Pacific Green have offered to pay more money, but the landlord has not changed his mind.

Locally owned businesses are part of the fabric of communities. They provide good jobs, they put money back into the community, and they support and understand the issues affecting the community. National chains don't have that same connection to the community.

Tell J. Crew not to move forward with this location. They can find another place that doesn't displace a local business. They may not be the ones directly forcing Pacific Green to close, but if they decide not to use this location, Pacific Green will be saved.

Please support our local businesses. Save Pacific Green!

Letter to
J. Crew
Don't Evict A Neighborhood Grocer in Brooklyn!

Please rethink your Cobble Hill location. The space you want to use is currently occupied by Pacific Green, a longtime neighborhood grocery. It's an essential part of the neighborhood, and it would be missed if it closed.

The landlord has told them to leave in order to make space for your store. I'm sure you can find other locations that will meet the needs of your business, and that don't displace a local store. Please tell the landlord of 151 Court Street that you are no longer interested, so that he may negotiate with the current tenant.

Your customers will be much happier with your business if you don't force a neighborhood business to close.

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