Help Free Michael Berry- Sentenced to 60 years for an attempt murder he did not commit

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Michael Berry has been convicted of attempted 1st degree murder, which he did not commit and has been incarcerated with the Illinois Department of Corrections since 2007.

On July 27, 2007 Michael was at a friend's place when he went outside to defuse an altercation between an acquaintance of his and a man who was known to frequently come into the neighbourhood, but unknown to Michael. Later in the day, this man was shot. After the shooting, the victim ran down the street and was met by his friend and cousin. He told them the shooter was the man he got into the fight with, he also identified the same man to the police. 

Michael voluntarily went down to the police station for questioning but because he did not corroborate with the line of questioning, he was taken into custody for the shooting.

A gunshot residue test was done on Michael 10 minutes after the shooting and came back negative. However, this evidence was never turned over by the state, which prevented Michael from using this evidence towards his defence. Michael Berry spent 8 months in custody before being convicted, without as much as a positive identification of him as the shooter until the day of trial. The jury was all-white and only took an hour to decide the fate of this young black man.

We are trying to get justice for Michael Berry who is currently serving a 60 year sentence for an attempt murder he did not commit.
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