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Please, add bots to local offline multiplayer

Well, first of all thank you for taking your time reading this petition, now regarding to the topic: I know that you guys are able to release a patch(all consoles and pc ) in wich you add bots to the local multiplayer, and why? if we can play online, well this is for the people who lacks of a good internet connection to enjoy the full multiplayer experience, also it would be awesome to play 4 split-screen against a bunch of bots with all the game modes, level up, prestige, custom loadouts, emblems, etc. the full online-multiplayer experience, but offline. Many people would thank you for this, besides it wouldn´t hurt anybody to add this feauture to the game, I know that you are completely capable due to the magnificent work you did with MW3, so as a community we ask for this "extra". Thank you for consider this petition.

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