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Tell Ivanovo circus in Russia. To stop torturing & using polar bears in their shows.

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Polar bears are predatory mammals not circus acts. This species is pure beauty, power & grace. Yet Ivanovo circus in Russia don't believe so, rather than showcase and educate the world how endangered polar bears are becoming. They abuse, torture, degrade, humiliate them.  In Russia the bear is the symbol of the countries statehood. However animal trainers Denisenko & Khokhlov openly admit to breaking the bear down so they comply. By performing these bears this circus makes financial profit, with the couple achieving celebrity status in the process. We are fully aware that animal welfare laws in Russia are not the best, yet they do have laws. Surely by openly admitting during a press interview how these bears are trained is an admission to animal cruelty and abuse? So where is the prosecution & punishment?

Saving the angels of the seas  believes that for change to happen it has to come from the country & people within.  Its now time for us to all stand together as one  & raise  our voices openly expressing our disgust & outrage that this heinous abuse can not under any circumstances continue. If people really knew what went on behind the scenes at these shows they simply would not take their families to them and would see them for what they truly are an excuse to abuse animals and get away with it.   

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Polar bears have many adaptations, they are vast ranging creatures & highly intelligent. With their natural habitat under threat due to climate change. they are indeed getting a raw deal. When you read this article in the press. It makes you want to cry. To see this natural predator helpless clearly in distress, being humiliated for public entertainment. Just to look at the picture is torture enough. Please sign this petition calling for Yulia Denisenko and Yuriy Khokhlov. To stop using these bears as circus acts, sign over ownership of the bears  to a zoo or sanctuary that can care and provide them with better. Should they fail to do this then please sign to say that you believe they should be prosecuted  for their admission to acts of cruelty and animal abuse.

On behalf of all the team at. Saving the angels of the seas. Thank you for signing this petition.

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