Fire Pervert Professor from IUPUI

Fire Pervert Professor from IUPUI

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Started by Jacqueline Gantz

Warning: Explicit Content below which may be inappropriate for minors

To all from Jacqueline Gantz and Chloe Lochard,

A professor in the Kinesiology department at IUPUI, has been sexually harassing and grooming majority of female students.

      Everything started out small, his intentions were to gain our trust and believe he was a new age sex professor. Yet, has tokenized lesbian women, and labeled students what he deems is their sexuality. Also, he only refers to his friends as his lesbian friends- never just his friends. He also refers to the LGBTQ+ community as the 'alphabet mafia,' which is belittling and childish to the community. He went one by one in the classroom singling out each student. If a student wasn't comfortable sharing, he told them what they were. When a lesbian student wanted to sit further away from him in the classroom, he refused. He made her sit back in the front. Even when Chloe and I stood up to him, he said 'oh I need her to make eye contact with me.' In particular, he outed this student to the classroom and asked her about her coming out experience-something extremely traumatic to most individuals. 

      When talked about domestic violence said, "Some women like that treatment,' saying that some women like to be abused. When my friend questioned, h changed  answer immediately, to protect. is not teaching sexual health and biology, is teaching students how to get to sex parties and private past. has asked students, "Have you found your g-spot?" which insinuates, 'have you touched yourself?" wants to know the sexual activity of students. has shared own sexual experiences in the classroom and has even referred to multiple ex-sex partners. told students, 'I saw a woman squirting first hand and I loved it.' Moreover, told students how to get to the sex parties that attends. shared a BDSM quiz that allows students to put their emails in to get invitations to this underground sex scene. 

         Furthermore, asked students for personal photos. In this assignment, it stated, 

DOA reaction paper

1.      Consult a former, current, or prospective lover [by this I mean, anyone you are fairly certain has been/is currently attracted to you romantically].

2.      Ask them to select their all-time favorite photographic image of you, based only on physical attraction.

3.      Attach the image to this assignment, along with a paragraph labeled "HOW THEY SEE ME IN THIS PICTURE", describing their feelings about why this image is their favorite of you. Encourage them to give at least three different physical attributes they find appealing in the picture they chose [but there is no upper limit, if they really care to go on and on about how hot you are, and you don't mind writing that much!]  No more than one attribute may be a facial feature- for this reason, obviously the picture they choose will need to be something other than a head shot or mug shot type image, and will necessarily most likely be full-body (or at least waist-up).

4.      Remember you need PHYSICAL attributes to list- tell them this is the time to "get in touch with their inner shallow". Do not let them weasel or hedge by saying 'your smile because it reminds me how much I love you" or the sort- if they struggle, ask them to recall what physical attributes that first attracted them to you in the first place, before they knew anything else about you. If they are shy to do this, it is only because they are afraid you will judge them; THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHINE and practice a value-free, non-judgmental perspective by putting them at ease enough to be frank and honest about what they find physically attractive about you.

5.      Include in this first section a paragraph labeled "MY REACTION TO THEIR OBSERVATIONS". Describe how you feel about the picture they chose, and your reaction to the reasons they chose it. Do you agree with their opinion or not? Do they find something attractive about you that you actually do not care for or vice versa? Be specific for full credit.

6.      Attach a second image of yourself that you would prefer, compared to their picture. What do you think are your three best physical features? Are they on display in the picture you chose? Are they different than the attributes chosen by your test subject?

7.      NO PICTURES WITH SNAPCHAT FILTERS.  If for some reason your chosen subject is insensitive enough to select a cartoony, filtered image of you as their favorite, tell them they have to select a different one. You are likewise not allowed to select a favorite image of yourself using filters- we are interested in the Real You for this assignment.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. IUPUI students through a multitude of reports with the chair of the department, and the Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs have gotten nowhere. The administration mislead students to believe this was going to be taken care of. At first, the chair was going to co-teach with when hearing of that assignment above. Instead,has been reinstated along with the assignment asking for physically attractive students. This assignment is now extra credit, telling students, 'Don't worry if you failed the test, you can send me sexy photos for an A." 

It is not our responsibility to change classrooms, it is the administration's responsibility to make every class a safe working environment. 

As a victim of sexual assault, his words are terrifying. The way he treats women is a severe red flag to what he will do next. The stress of this situation has been weighing on me and the other women in this classroom. We need your help. 

IUPUI is supposed to be a safe and welcoming environment. Female students cannot work in these conditions. Sign this petition to stand against sexual harassment in our classrooms. We need fired. 

Jacqueline and Chloe 

2,891 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!