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ITV to investigate and see the Material we have of ASPA Bucharest. ASPA Is the stray Dog Massacre Business in Romania. #ASPAdogKillers

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20/08/14 ITV demand Lynn take of you tube, using copy rights.

 But if ITV stand by this film, why want  removed from the internet? 

 #ITVcoverUP #ItvAbuse Film #itvShameOnYou #ASPAdogKillers #AbusersOnItv 

Delilah Jeary and ITV should be investigated for not telling the truth of ASPA illegal actions and evil abuse to people and Dogs.  And why would ITV allow this un true account, be aired?

Programme On Assignment 30TH July 2014 on ITV, did not cover the truth of ASPA Bucharest.

And the true meaning of Euthanasia in Romania!

Which is Beaten to death with shovels, and starving dogs to death.  electrocuted and poisoned.

 The  Shelter they showed is not a representative of the horrific conditions dogs are dying in.

Exactly what research was done for this story?

Who decided to do this programme without knowing the true facts?

Does ITV know ASPA are breaking the law? As dog killing Law is Suspened  at this time of Petition. ASPA steal people pet dogs. And are attacking people, all witnessed by Bucharest Police. Who are paid to protect Animal abusers. 

ASPA boss Razvan Bancescu assaulted a member of the public, threatened people. Caused a car crash injuring  a young child.

And is on Romanian News being held back by Police after he tried  attacking more people.

Also  ASPA has been under investigation for Corruption! 

All the true material is avaiable on line.  Which they claim to off researched!

The true reality of the Stray Dog Business is, the money ASPA are making  from the cruel abusive  catch and kill policy.

It pays very well,  we know not much of ASPA budget was spent on  spaying and neutering.

Because ASPA would not make any money if the dogs where spayed or neutered

3,000 strays will be lefted on streets, to breed and breed.

None of The Romanian  authorities will agree to a spay and neuter programmes!

So in many years, they can have another Dog Massacre which will pay them very well from public funds!

Animal lovers got the Real  Romania Dogs story  trending  on Twitter with past hash tags

#RomaniaStopAnimalAbuse #ASPAdogKillers #RomaniaDogKillers #ItvCoverUP

We will not stop until they put there huge mistake right.

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