ITV: Stop making LGBTQ+ topics a 'debate'

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Regulars to ITV flagship shows: 'Good Morning Britan' and 'This Morning' (as well as Loose Women occasionally) will be used to hearing from the kind of people who think homosexuality is a 'fashionable' thing and think teaching kids nothing about LGBTQ+ issues means they're less likely to be LGBTQ+ themselves (basically the people who wish section 28 still existed). 

If we as a society ever want to move forward we need to stop seeing this as a debate at all. We certainly shouldn't be giving homophobes and transphobes the platform to air their hate to millions! LGBTQ+ people exist and those that think they know better shouldn't be allowed to preach that, for so many reasons. I get so uncomfortable if I see an item coming up that's likely to feature someone who thinks I (a non-binary person) doesn't exist or that men can be with men "JUST NOT IN FRONT OF ME OR IN PUBLIC".

I just don't get how they justify it in 2018. It feels like my identity and the identities of everyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community is the 'hot topic' that people love to argue and debate about. When it comes to things like 'the man who never washes' or something, fine, if he's agreed to come and speak by all means air that stuff, but debating peoples identities is so low, instead, discuss it with LGBTQ+ people and professionals that know the science and the people! Think of your audience, think of the kid getting ready for school, seeing someone debate whether he can be gay or not on TV and his parents agreeing 'only adults can be gay, stop teaching my kids to be gay'... it's so damaging and that's just one example from a child I've worked with. The transphobia on TV at the moment is even worse and making a debate WILL make viewers pick a side and that's not ok! We should be giving them a good, honest and friendly discussion about transgender identities so that they fully understand them instead of bringing in a transphobe who then preaches something ludicrous like "trans rights means men will be able to just go into woman's toilets and spy on the girls and YOUR CHILDREN blah blah blah" and as a misinformed parent, that sort of statement would shock you and think, "gosh I'm with that person on this"

I recently saw the woman on Good Morning Britan claiming kids schools should be teaching proper subjects only and 'not be all over the place talking up fashionable issues' in regards to two out teachers who did an assembly on HBT (homophobic, biphobic and transphobic) bullying. WHY that woman was even needed I don't know. It's no longer something I'm willing to sit down and take. ITV, stop debating our identities.