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Recommission Primeval

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I know this isn't quite one of those life-changing, humanitarian petitions you normally see on here, and I love those, I really do, I support as many as I can, but to some people, even something like TV is important.

In a time when all you see on TV is either a soap, murder mystery, a show about chavvy young people or The X Factor, Primeval is a breath of fresh air. Admittedly, on paper it sounds a little ridiculous - dinosaurs appear through time portals and a team have to stop them.

But it's written with such talent and craft, with story arcs and plot twists that do shock you. Cutter's death in series 3 was a real surprise, and Primeval continued to be strong following his demise as well, despite the strong possibility that it could go downhill.

Series 5 ended on a cliffhanger that does need to be solved, and there are many fans out there eagerly awaiting any announcement of a revival. Its fanbase is still strong; you have the 'Bring Back Primeval UK' Tumblr account ( with plenty of followers, as well as their Twitter account ( You also have other Twitter accounts such as ARCadians (, Primeval-Fans ( and Primeval_Fans (, as well as the former's official website ( and Facebook ( On top of that, Primeval still appears regularly at conventions, such as the panel at the upcoming Wales Comic Con. There are also many who just miss the show and want it back, such as myself.

ITV apparently gave the series creators two reasons for its cancellation - the large budget and poor ratings.

The poor ratings, however, were ITV's fault. The final series was first shown on the Watch channel, giving plenty of people the ability to watch it before ITV's airing. It also ended up on the internet via illegal video-sharing websites, giving even more people easy access to the episodes. The majority of the fans probably watched it prior to ITV's airing, resulting in low ratings for ITV. When ITV did show it later in the year, Primeval's time of showing often fluctuated, and in addition they aired it opposite Doctor Who. It's obvious who is going to win that battle. But time it right and Primeval could still get fantastic ratings.

But if ITV don't want it, the BBC just might. With the cancellation of Atlantis, they have a spare Saturday night evening slot - perfect for Primeval. They could take it off of ITV's hands for good; they already broadcasted the show across the pond on BBC America. All they need to do is complete the transition.

In a nutshell, Primeval offers something totally different to television these days. There is a cliffhanger that needs to be solved, and it has many fans who are eagerly anticipating its return, and whomever recommissions it, ITV or the BBC, would benefit from it.

Let's bring back Primeval!

Update: This would be perfect to bring back in the wake of Jurassic World too, the success could be even bigger than before!

PS - Primeval: New World was also left on a cliffhanger. If we can bring that back as well then there's a bonus!

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