ITV, don’t allow trophy hunter Ollie Williams to participate in Love Island.


ITV, don’t allow trophy hunter Ollie Williams to participate in Love Island.

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Love Island's apparent millionaire viscount-in-waiting Ollie Williams is a bloodthirsty trophy hunter who pictured himself proudly posing with dead animals. Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of knowing Oliver Williams in my younger years and can attest to his absolute lack of care for animal life. He is a bully. 

Ollie Williams has travelled to several foreign destinations to take part in hunts — even shooting endangered animals.

The 23-year-old has proudly had his photo taken standing over dead warthog and water buffalo among other animals to promote his hunting business, Cornish Sporting Agency. The shocking photos were posted on an Instagram account that was deleted before it was announced Ollie would be in the new winter series of Love Island in South Africa.

The agency's website was taken 'offline' in November 2018 but, according to Companies House records, Oliver Sebastian James Williams is still the company's active director.

You can also make a complaint to Ofcom by following this link:

Dear ITV and executive producer of Love Island, Richard Cowles,

Ollie Williams has actively taken part in, promoted and facilitated hunting of endangered animals. To deny this would be cowardly and naive. It does not make sense morally, economically, biologically, or from a conservation-incentive point of view to hunt for preservation and conservation. It is a philosophy that has no place in modern conservation.

Trophy hunting, the stalking and killing of wild animals with guns or bows and arrows with the purpose of obtaining part of the animal as a trophy to represent the success of the hunt, is a sport which no longer has a place in our society. This multi-million pound international industry is utterly unjustifiable from an animal welfare point of view but also for conservation reasons as it is pushing some of the world's most threatened species toward extinction. 

Ollie Williams should not be allowed to compete on the South African Love Island series considering the time he has spent there murdering animals for fun.



This petition made change with 19,261 supporters!

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