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Good Morning Britain to interview a different vegan

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Many vegans would like to see another person, such as James Aspey or Earthling Ed, to be interviewed on Good Morning Britain and for the interviewee to be allowed chance to speak and to convey their message without interruption, allowing each party a fair amount of talk time. 

"On the show, journalist Monbiot attempted to convince viewers to ditch animal products from their diets.

He said: "We look back to the past, and future generations will look back and one of the things they will look back at will be this.

"It is one of the madnesses of our times, and I'm saying this will horrify our descendants."

Morgan went as far as to say: "I've never met a healthy looking vegan… You're a bit pale and you're really angry."

Good Morning Britain polled its Twitter audience about veganism, saying: "Tomorrow we'll be talking about whether cheap artificial meat is destroying the countryside.

"Would you go vegan to save the world?"

More than 4,450 individuals voted in the poll, with an astonishing 55 percent saying 'No'."


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