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All over the world, animals including dogs, pigs, and monkeys are being cruelly tested in labs. An investigation found out that the ITR Labs in Canada forcefully pump chemicals into dogs, pigs, and monkey's stomachs, they cause severe burns on their skin, and put masks on them with toxic air. The testing absolutely has no use. The ITR (International Toxicology Research) is the main focus for this petition. The videos below are how they really treat the animals when they say, "ITR Laboratories Canada management is committed to a high level of scientific quality and regulatory compliance. GLP is the single quality standard that is operated within the entire facility." They video clearly shows this is a lie. They have been denying that what has happened to the animals is from what they are doing, but it clearly is. Almost all of these animals are killed before 10 months old. Beagles are thrown into trash cans when not needed anymore for more testing or they are dissecting to see what has happened due to the chemicals.

The solution for this problem is to get as many signatures as we can, to show everyone that people care about the animal's well being and care. So, someone may be able to shut down these cruel labs. We shall not stand for the cruelty!!!!

Personal story
A friend of mine showed me a video (links below) of an investigation done by the LCA (Last Chance for Animals) to see how the animals at ITR were being treated. I immediately told myself I would do something about it. Please watch these videos so you'll know why I really couldn't let this happen anymore. It's heartbreaking and that is an understatement. Every signature counts!

Warning: Graphic Content