ITISON please offer full refunds to everyone who purchased Elfingrove Tickets In Glasgow

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Multi millionaire Glasgow based business man Oli Norman and his event's company has refused to refund customers who purchased tickets for his Elfingrove event held in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum which is owned by Glasgow Life.

Mr Norman claimed that his event would offer a   "spell-binding night-time tour of the museum culminating in a show capturing the true magic of Christmas using state of the art technology, sound, and lighting"

Guests attending the event were horrified to learnt hat Rodolph had been replaced by a dead dinosaur, elf body parts lay beside an exhibit, and the event was nothing much more than a tour of the FREE museum with the lights switched off.

After thousands of complaints, Mr Norman addressed the public via STV news and claims people should make their own mind up which many done and like thousands who entered before them they also agreed that the event was not as sold and demand a full refund.

After international press coverage and comparisons to the Fyre Festival, thousands of customers who have not yet used their tickets requested to cancel their bookings as they knew that what they bought and what they were going to receive were very different things.

Mr Norman and his company still refuse to do the right thing and issue full refunds to both those who attended and were disappointed along with those who are yet to attend but who do not want to due to reviews and concerns about safety etc.  

We request Mr Norman does the right thing by the people of Glasgow and refund hard-working families who were misled thanks to slick marketing videos and endorsements by local media many of which Mr Norman has a very friendly relationship with partially due to his wife working with many of the publications who featured the event in a positive light.