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Petition started by 'Occupy for Animals' and 'ESDAW European Society of Dog and Animal Welfare'

Italian activists are fighting terribly hard against vivisection while their Senate is discussing some amendments to the European Directive 63/2010 which shall make vivisectors’ lives very difficult.

Vivisectors from all over the world are watching at them and they are fighting them back.

We have discovered that as we all write to Italian politicians against vivisection and reminding them that 86% of Italians wants to abolish it and that they have the popular sovereignty, so the vivisectors all over the world are writing to them in order to convince them not to amend the Directive!

This petition has been created to support the 86% of the Italian population that want to see an end to vivisection. By signing it, a message will instantly be send to:

Senator Rossana Boldi (14th chair of the Senate Committee) 
Renato Balduzzi (Minister of Health) 
and Enzo Moavero Milanesi (Minister of European Affairs)  

For further information, please visit:  

Letter to
14th Chair of the Senate Committee Senator Rossana Boldi
Minister of Health Renato Balduzzi
Minister of European Affairs Enzo Moavero Milanesi
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Italian government.

Listen to your people: Make Vivisection History!

Gentili Signore e Signori,

We believe that 86% of Italians, that is over 4/5ths of the citizens of your country, are against vivisection and want to ban experiments on animals.

This is good news, and good news finds a way to be heard worldwide. There is already a groundswell of global support for Italy, from concerned people and organizations in many countries who applaud such a ban.

And if Italy leads, the world will follow.

Are companies more important than the people who voted you in? Please do the right thing. We do not need to tell you what you already know: that this is 2012, and vivisection is redundant.

We will continue to watch and see if your government will lean towards what the Italian people want, versus what the big companies want.

Yours respectfully,

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