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It's Never Too Late

History is vital to our understanding of who we are as a people, but it becomes confusing due to unanswered questions and untold stories.The good and bad in all need to be known.
The pain suffered and the death toll of the Jewish people during WWII is well documented and well known. The pain suffered and the death toll of the Eastern German people is not known at all.
An expulsion turned genocide has been a well kept secret for over 60 years and it's time for the survivors to tell their stories. I've interviewed over 200 survivors from the Ethnic German Genocide that took place from 1944-1948 in Eastern Europe.
A large group of survivors from the Ethnic German Genocide live among us and have been a major part in building the United States we know today.
Please help me bring an awareness to Paula A. Kerger of PBS as to the number of people who would like to see the film series, Millions Cried...No One Listened so their story may be heard .
Please go to to learn more about this hidden subject.

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    Paula A. Kerger: president and chief executive officer of PBS

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