90 days of Notice period in IT is harming industry and needs to be reduced to 30 days.

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90 days of notice period in IT and ITes industry is cruel and creating a situation of bondage labour in India. It is causing huge productivity loss for the industry.

The startups are not able to find right talent quickly and same time employees are losing opportunities.

It is creating an artificial barrier for people to switch jobs. India IT industry mostly serves US IT industry which has an "At will" employment policy. So there is no justification why Indian IT companies have 90 days as their notice period. 

The same companies who have 90 days as their notice period expect people to join in less than 30 days which is just not fair. It is also a breach of equal employment opportunity act where people with 90 days of notice period are not invited for interviews.

Mr. Minister, we humbly request you to look into this issue and  bring down notice period to 30 days which is more than enough to do a smooth transition. This will help Indian IT industry achive its potential.