It is time to stop the circumcision of non-consenting individuals and the trafficking in human infant body parts

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The most durable system of slavery is the one where the slaves actively campaign to support their own enslavement. Dr. Paul Tinari

Circumcision was introduced into ancient Egypt as a cheap, effective and permanent way of branding slaves. It was introduced into North America as a cheap, effective and permanent way of preventing masturbation and "excessive sexuality" in young males. Today, no recognized professional medical organization promotes or justifies circumcision for any non-consenting individual. Consequently, circumcision must be considered to be a cosmetic surgery and is therefore subject to all of the moral restrictions imposed on all cosmetic surgeries, namely that they cannot be performed on non-consenting individuals for the gratification of others. In any free and secular society, the most fundamental and inalienable right possessed by the individual is the right to one's own body and the right to be able to live life with all of one's bodily organs and parts intact, unaltered and un-assaulted. The most fundamental right of the free individual is the right to say "no." A person who is denied the right to say "no" is by definition NOT a free citizen. By definition, a slave is a human being who is denied the right to refuse the assault, alteration and/or removal of a healthy body part. In any free and secular society, it is immoral and illegal to enslave another, regardless of the justification or even with the would-be slave's "consent."
We the circumcised males of the United States and Canada firmly believe that our fundamental constitutional rights as citizens of a free, secular, egalitarian and democratic society have been violated by the circumcision industry and we are especially offended that healthy, functional tissues have been forcibly taken from us without consent and sold for commercial products, in violation of numerous international human rights agreements signed in the wake of the holocaust. These agreements, signed by the governments of the US and Canada, banned all commercial trade in human body parts, but especially those taken from non-consenting, captive individuals.
For these and for many others reasons we charge the North American circumcision industry with violation of US and Canadian civil, criminal and constitutional law as well as Crimes Against Humanity under international agreements and we therefore launch this Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of the estimated 100 million men who have been forcibly circumcised without their own, express, informed, adult consent.
In particular, within this Class Action Lawsuit, we acknowledge that the following individuals have special claim for damages:
Since mass circumcision was introduced into North America, 50 and 60 thousand otherwise healthy children have died from circumcision complications. This exceeds all of the American war dead in Vietnam. It is the main purpose of this Class Action to prevent future deaths
An estimated 5 - 7 million circumcised men were born to mothers who were under the age of 18 at the time of their son's birth. Some mothers were as young as 12 years of age. Such women could not legally consent to any surgery on their own bodies, let along consent to surgery performed on another human being. We contend that any alleged "consent" given by such underage mothers was illegal, therefore the subsequent surgery was therefore illegal.
In Canadian residential schools, thousands of children forcibly sent to these institutions were circumcised as "punishment" for the alleged violation of various religious rules. We do recognize the right of anyone, regardless of claimed "authority" to forcibly mutilate the body of another, regardless of the justification.
An estimated 1 - 2 million hermaphroditic, inter-sexed and similar special individuals were circumcised as infants. Some of these individuals, while externally appearing to be male, were actually genetically female, so the circumcision of their clitoris was actually a crime against specific US and Canadian laws.
More than 10 million circumcised men suffer from moderate to severe lifetime complications as a result of the surgery ranging from chronic infections and erectile dysfunction to complete loss of their penis.
No individual has the right to forcibly impose their religion on others. An estimated 10 -20 million individuals were circumcised by an individual who was not of the same religious affiliation as the victim that there were forcible circumcising.

In conjunction with the Class Action Lawsuit, we shall use the emerging Social media to educate and polarize public opinion against circumcision and against the circumcision industry. Such is the growing power of the social media that it is now possible for the voices of victims, who never would have had a voice before, to go viral and cause serious "brand" damage within days or even hours. While historically, one person did not have a hope of overthrowing a multi-billion-dollar industry, today using social media, that person can rapidly assemble an army of hundreds of thousands of supporters behind them, and they will be force to be reckoned with.
Thanks to the increasingly savvy use of tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc..the power balance between the until now all powerful multi-national corporations, governments, medical and religious organizations has been tilted in favour of the individual. Victims have always had a voice, but before it was far too easy for the powerful to ignore. Today the aggrieved can have a global voice that is louder and penetrating than ever. If the volume of individual outcry gets even louder and the coordination gets even better, then it will forever change the way justice is delivered in society.
We are calling upon all circumcised men to sign up for this class action lawsuit. If even 1 million men sign up, this will represent an unstoppable political force. Remember that "only" 10,000 women who believed that they has been harmed by breast implants proved to be unstoppable were able to bankrupt Dow Corning.
Extensive use will be made of social action sites such as,,