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Kindly Introduce Vegan Options in your Outlets

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We, the undersigned, urge you to cater to Vegans and have at least one vegan option in your respective menus.

There is a clear consensus on the relationship between animal agriculture and climate change, with other adverse impacts of rearing animals for food ranging from deforestation to soil degradation to ocean acidification to biodiversity loss and far beyond.

Eating a plant-based meal should be possible for anyone wishing to do so, your brands should provide vegan options for those of us wishing to eat vegan in their restaurants, so that people wanting to eat vegan food can have an adequate meal instead of having to bring their own provisions or eat from home every day, while they come with their Non-Vegan friends.

The change we are asking for is not radical, it will not alienate your existing gentry or force anyone to consume foods they do not want to consume.  What it will do, however, is enable those who want to pursue a vegan diet to be able to do so at your restaurants. 

With your help, our goal is to make delicious vegan options available to all of the guests. There are a slew of your existing customers who have turned vegan recently for good and they miss out eating at your joints. We feel we have a disadvantage when it comes to finding food because there are not enough vegan options readily available

India is pre dominantly a vegetarian population, and so it is much easier for Indians to turn vegan than their western brethren. Please consider adding more vegan food at or even replacing some of the non-vegan foods with vegan options instead. Replacing non-vegan foods with vegan food would reduce our carbon footprint as well. If we talk about the health aspect, we know that Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity & Diabetes are linked to eating animal products, and people in general are getting increasingly aware of it by the minute. United Nations has called upon us to consume more plant based foods. Recent reports by WHO says that Animal products are linked to the increase in cancer and heart disease.

Over 5% of the population is vegan and growing. A vegan diet is healthier, it conserves resources and protects the planet, above all it's cruelty free

Films : Earthlings, What The Health and Cowspiracy

Thank you for your time and consideration. Jay Hind 

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